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SOUND BITES: Hunter and Riley

by Listen and Talk Staff

Sound Bites Hunter and Riley

"Hunter and Riley wanted to come back and visit the students at Listen and Talk. It was tough to logistically get them here today, but we knew it was worth it, so we made it happen... Our daughters received early intervention services and attended preschool here. When they entered grade school, they were right on par with their peers...the school was impressed at how well Listen and Talk had prepared the girls! It really confirmed our decision to bring them here. Our whole extended family has so much appreciation and respect for Listen and Talk. Hunter and Riley are happy, well-adjusted, and brilliant kids and because of Listen and Talk, their potential knows no bounds."


by Listen and Talk Staff

Sound Bites Ariele

"This was the FM system I used 20 years ago when I was a child with hearing loss. It's amazing how hearing technology has changed. Back then, it wasn't as simple as connecting a receiver to a hearing aid or implant. Now, it's better, more efficient, more reliable. Here's a polaroid of me as a preschooler with my educational audiologist. I had her support until I graduated from high school. Now, I'm a Teacher of the Deaf. And when I am working with a kiddo who is frustrated with their FM, I like to share this story. I hope it gives them some perspective about how far hearing technology has come."

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