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by Listen and Talk Staff


Listen and Talk is deeply committed to family centered services. Our Early Intervention providers coach families to help them understand the process of helping their child develop listening and spoken language skills in a natural, playful way. Through supported practice, a family learns to help their child respond to and interpret sounds, building a foundation upon which spoken language and learning will grow.

When we initiated a telehealth model of service delivery (Virtual Home Visits or VHV), we were intent on making sure that parents received the coaching and support that would help their family be successful. With the results of the study described in our previous report and interviews with families, we are learning that parents CAN get their needs met through a telehealth model of service delivery. Now some of our families are asking we provide services solely through VHV!

We had the opportunity to interview some of these parents in an effort to better understand the reasons for their preference. Here are some highlights:

Do you feel your needs are being met better with in-home visits or virtual home visits?

Parent 1 Answer:
"I do better with VHV because it forces me to practice on my own —rather than rely on the therapist to run the session... I find I have more confidence doing the whole session myself after a virtual visit."

Parent 2 Answer:

"VHV is either the same or better... Before, when I had in-home services, I would sit back and watch the therapist... Now, sessions are tailored to how I would perform as opposed to how any given therapist would do it... I guess that could be perceived as better or worse—depending on how I am doing with it!"

Thanks to our donors, we are developing evidence-based methods for meeting the complex needs of families no matter where they live! Thank you for your support!

This is from a report to our donors from our project on Global Giving: "Using Technology to Serve Children Who are Deaf (or Hard of Hearing)" We invite you to join the Global Giving fundraising community to give directly to this project!

And the winner is...

by Listen and Talk Staff


Congratulations to Listen and Talk alum, Caroline, for her recent award from AG Bell's Writing and Art Contest for Better Hearing and Speech Month! Caroline's illustration, "My Hamster's Noise on the Wheel" was awarded "Winner in Art: Elementary School or younger" as a response to the topic/question: "What is your favorite sound that you can hear with your hearing technology?"

CAROLINE_DRAWING Caroline's original artwork received high praise from contest judges: "A whimsical piece of art about something we may take for granted but a sound enjoyed by the artist!”

The winning entries will be displayed at the 2015 AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language Symposium in Baltimore, Maryland, on Friday, July 10 at 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the Harborside Foyer Exhibit Area. Click here to learn more about the winners and their entries!

"Caroline was diagnosed with bilateral moderate hearing loss at birth and was aided shortly after. Her hearing loss continued to progress until her left ear was implanted one year ago. She now wears one hearing aid and one cochlear implant. Caroline was lucky to be diagnosed so early and went through a superb listening and spoken language program [at Listen and Talk] from birth until Kindergarten. She worked hard enough to never fall behind her hearing peers. She continues to thrive in mainstream public school.

Caroline’s favorite sound was inspired by her pet hamster, Pip. Pip makes a very soft, very cute pitter patter when she runs on her hamster wheel. Thanks to her cochlear implant, Caroline can lie in bed reading and happily listen to the quiet noises of her hamster!"

Our alumni students continue to inspire our community by sharing their unique experience with listening and spoken language, in creative and powerful ways. We can't wait to see what's next!

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